How a 2013 Novel Led Me Into an Existential Crisis

Caucasian man reading book in library

I’ve never been one for existentialism (except the kind on prom night), but when I stumbled across myself in a 2013 thriller novel, a lot of hard questions popped into my head.

Am I a real person? Is this real life? Am I just a figment of author John Gilstrap’s imagination? I’m not really sure anymore. (Can you guess I just finished binge-watching Westworld?)

It all began when I was writing an email to a company whose products I was hoping to review. I wanted to get a free sample of some of their goods (since that’s the one truly great perk of writing for a living). To do that, of course, it’s best to prove to the company that you do, in fact, write for a living.

All the Guns John Wick Shoots in Chapter 2

John Wick 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves is currently burning up the box office. If you’re a Washingon Free Beacon reader, you just may have heard of John Wick by now. Our in-house movie nerd is kind of obsessed with it–one of his few positive characteristics.