Islamic Militants Carried Out Attacks on 15 Egyptian Military Positions

An Egyptian military officer watches at a post in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula, as seen from the Israel-Egypt border

JERUSALEM—In their most brazen attack yet, Islamic militants in northern Sinai carried out simultaneous attacks Wednesday against 15 Egyptian military positions, killing 64 soldiers and police officers, according to an Egyptian newspaper. Reuters quoted Egyptian military sources as saying that more than 100 attackers were killed, but there has been no confirmation of this figure.

No Violence As Israel Blocks Activists from Breaking Through Naval Blockade of Gaza Strip

Israeli Naval vessel intercepts pro-Palestinian flotilla in 2010 / AP

JERUSALEM—Five years after nine Turkish activists were killed in an attempt to break through Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip, a vessel attempting the same mission was boarded Monday by Israeli naval commandos and directed to an Israeli port. A military spokesman described the seizure of the ship as “uneventful.”

Israel to Continue Providing Medical Assistance to Wounded Syrians Despite Lynching by Mob

Israeli security forces stand guard around an ambulance which was attacked at the Golan Heights

JERUSALEM—Despite the lynching in the Golan Heights of a wounded Syrian rebel by a mob that dragged him out of a military ambulance, Israel will continue to provide medical care to wounded Syrians brought to the Golan border, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Wednesday.