Trump Backs Gun Control, Attacks U.S. Troops. GOP Leaders Say, ‘Meh.’


In the last twenty-four hours, Donald Trump has accused U.S. soldiers in Iraq of stealing money intended for Iraqis, and doubled down on his innuendo that Barack Obama somehow personally supports ISIS.

He has also tweeted his support for the proposal (backed by Barack Obama) to take away the right to buy a gun for those on government watch lists. For those trying to figure out what this means: it means he has caved on gun control. So much for the argument that he’s better than Hillary on Constitutional issues that go before the Supreme Court.

Who Said It: The Journal of American Greatness, or Paleocon Diary?

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, and Harry Jaffa.

Paleocon Diary is a hilarious parody blog in which are recorded the works and days of one “John M. Harris.” He is a convert to Russian Orthodoxy and American Conservative subscriber who hates neoconservatives, Likudniks, money-changers, and the bourgeoisie, struggles with leading his family amidst the moral waste-heap of contemporary liberalism, and exhibits an unsettling preoccupation …

How ‘The Longest Day’ Got D-Day Wrong

Omaha Beach, sometime in June, 1944, after D-Day / AP

A recommendation for your D-Day commemorative reading: S.L.A. Marshall’s brilliant 1960 account of the assault on Omaha Beach, based on notes he took as an official Army historian during the landings in Normandy.

To say that Marshall’s account is wrenching radically understates the case. He published it in the Atlantic Monthly as a corrective to what he saw as a sanitized history of D-Day promoted by Army historians and Hollywood producers who, quite reasonably, saw the day as an American victory. It was only natural that they would focus on success stories, as Marshall explains:

Pure Pleasure

'On the Stile' by Winslow Homer

Sometime last year I was driving out Route 50 in the direction of the Blue Ridge as my then-fiancée, riding shotgun, fiddled with the Redfin app on her phone. She was investigating the prices of houses in the area, properties we were idly dreaming about buying one day after I chuck in journalism for something more lucrative and socially acceptable, like high-class art theft, or running guns.

Women Hardest Hit

Women in North Korea

SEOUL—When my plane landed in South Korea earlier this week, the nation was much occupied with a controversy that seemed, to this American journalist, somewhat perplexing. Families of those killed by South Korea’s then-military regime during a 1980 uprising were upset because a conservative government minister had ruled against making a song called “Marching for our Beloved” the official anthem of the government’s observance of the anniversary.

Of Course Obama Is Going to Hiroshima


Of course Barack Obama will go to Hiroshima. If there is any cause for surprise, it is that it has taken him seven years to work up his nerve. A trip to where America killed some 100,000 Japanese subjects of the Emperor Hirohito—no one knows the exact death toll—in order to call for “a world without nuclear weapons” is so natural a gesture for this president.