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Aaron MacLean is a writer and policy analyst in Washington, D.C. From 2014 to 2017 he was the managing editor of the Washington Free Beacon.

Barack Obama

Requiem for a Narrative

Analysis: Eight years of fake news

December 9, 2016
King's Library at Buckingham House

Books, Books, Books

Round-up: A 2016 Free Beacon Holiday Literary Guide

November 25, 2016
Eisenhower and Nasser in 1960

Snake Eyes

Review: Michael Doran, 'Ike's Gamble: America's Rise to Dominance in the Middle East'

November 18, 2016

America First

Analysis: The foreign policy of Donald J. Trump

November 11, 2016
Grant at Cold Harbor

The First Total War

Review: Williamson Murray, Wayne Hsieh, 'A Savage War: A Military History of the Civil War'

November 4, 2016
Xi Jinping,Park Geun-hye

South Korea's Balancing Act

Analysis: Seoul needs America for survival, but China for unification

October 28, 2016

Barack Obama’s Bartleby Foreign Policy

Analysis: In Yemen, the president would prefer not to

October 14, 2016
Kim Jong Un

The North Korea Opportunity

Analysis: China’s ties with Pyongyang can be exploited by America

October 7, 2016
water lake

Sign Language

Review: Tristan Gooley, ‘How to Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea’

September 30, 2016

First-Person Fetus

Review: Ian McEwan, ‘Nutshell’

September 23, 2016