WFB’s Lachlan Markay Discusses TSA Ebola Screenings, Panetta’s Memoir on FBN

• October 7, 2014 12:04 pm


Washington Free Beacon staff writer Lachlan Markay discussed the TSA's new Ebola screening regulations and Leon Panetta's new memoir on Fox Business Network's The Independents .

"If we put our faith in the hands of the TSA as was proposed today, we're certainly closer to doomsday," Markay said.

"The idea of instituting some sort of screening mechanism at airports, especially for passengers coming from countries where Ebola is a big problem, is probably better than closing off borders entirely and preventing people from coming or going. But again, airport security-wise, we don't have a great track record.

"I don't think Americans have too much faith in our airport screeners, so they're probably not going to be confident it's gonna get much done."

Markay also weighed in on former Panetta's new memoir, which he called "damning" for the Obama administration.

When Independents host Kmele Foster questioned Panetta's assertion that leaving troops in Baghdad would have prevented the rise of ISIL, Markay challenged him.

"I think he's probably more qualified to say that one way or the other than either of us are," Markay said. "He is correct if he's not lying when he's says that America's military commanders were saying that at the time, and the White House, as he says, ignored them."

Markay said that Panetta's criticism "absolutely" sounds credible, breaking from the skepticism of Foster and radio host Richard Fowler.

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