Warren Claims No One 'Likes Their Health Insurance Company,' But Most Americans Like Their Health Care

Eighty percent of Americans approve of the quality of their personal health care

September 12, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) said she "never met anyone who likes their health insurance company" at the Democratic Debate on Thursday evening, but a Gallup poll revealed that most Americans are quite happy with their health care.

"So let's be clear, I've actually never met anyone who likes their health insurance company," Warren said. "I've met people who like their doctors, I met people who like their nurses, I've met people who like their pharmacists, I met people who like their physical therapists. What they want is access to health care."

However, a 2018 Gallup poll revealed that most Americans are happy with their own health care; the vast majority of Americans rate both the quality and coverage of their health care as "excellent" or "good."

Warren further added that she doesn't think for-profit insurance companies should run health care plans.

"Instead of paying premiums into insurance companies and then having insurance companies build their profits by saying no to coverage, we're going to do this by saying, everyone is covered by Medicare for All, every health care provider is covered," she said. "The only question here in terms of difference is where to send the bill."

The same Gallup poll showed 69 and 80 percent of Americans are fond of the coverage and quality of their own health care, respectively. Eighty-five percent of Americans with private insurance like the quality of their health care, compared to 79 percent of U.S. adults with Medicare or Medicaid.