Al Sharpton Confronted by Activists in Baltimore

Al Sharpton / Still from Facebook Live
January 16, 2017

Rev. Al Sharpton got an earful from activists when he arrived in Baltimore to preach on Sunday.

A group of men peppered the preacher with questions about his activism in the black community in a Facebook Live video posted by Duane G. Davis.

"They come to exploit tragedies and collect money," Davis said about Sharpton and other high-profile liberal activists. "How much money is he going to get to speak here?"

One activist repeatedly asked Sharpton what he was doing to help young black men, telling Sharpton that his past activism wasn't good enough.

"You are talking about 19—I am talking about today," the man said.

When asked about Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man killed by the police in 2015, Sharpton said, "What did I do with Freddie Gray? What are you talking about? I didn't deal with that, y'all did."

"Exactly, that's the problem, Al," the man retorted.

"That is your problem," Sharpton said, angering the activists.

Davis pressed Sharpton to disclose how much he was being paid to preach in Baltimore. Sharpton denied receiving any money for the sermon.

Davis is no stranger to controversy. He was jailed in 2011 for a protest stunt involving a toilet, which police thought was a possible bomb. In the 2012 Republican primary, he ran as a protest candidate for lieutenant governor of Maryland, according to RedState.

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