Heilemann: Let’s Hope Bill Clinton Doesn’t Know What Snapchat Is For His Own Sake

• September 29, 2015 6:40 pm


John Heilemann and Mark Halperin mocked Bill Clinton Tuesday afternoon for showing political rust in an interview over the weekend.

"The big dog is rusty by his own admission," Halperin said. "He said the same thing in 2008 and then he made some mistakes. He keeps saying it now. He doesn’t know what Snapchat is, I don’t think."

"Let’s hope not, for his sake," Heilemann said in laughter.

The co-anchors of Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect dated the former president, who has not run for office in almost two decades, by poking fun at the potential trouble Clinton could bring in a modern campaign.

Hillary Clinton began using Snapchat in the beginning of August, infamously joking about how much she liked the app because "those messages disappear all by themselves."

With Bill now set to take a more predominate role in his wife’s campaign, Halperin could not help but compare his interview with Fareed Zakaria to statements he made in 2008 that proved a liability for his wife.

Heilemann apparently was more focused on Bill Clinton possibly not behaving if he got his hands on a Snapchat account, much like Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner with Twitter.

The 42nd president has been rebuked for, yet again, telling a tale of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Clinton’s story, which he tied to his wife’s current email scandal, has been thoroughly discredited even though both he and Hillary have told it "nine or 10 times."

"Even Bill Clinton needs to audition off Broadway," Halperin said. "Because he is going to make a mistake and that could kill them."