Activists Call for Condemnation of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

Call follows claims that 20 Zimbabwean protesters assaulted by riot police

More than 20 Zimbabwean protesters were physically assaulted by riot police Thursday and Friday, leading human rights activists to call for international condemnation ahead of longtime President Robert Mugabe’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

Lawmakers Concerned About Legitimacy of Zimbabwe Election

Question U.S. funding for group that observed election

Lawmakers on Thursday urged U.S. officials to maintain stringent pressure on the regime of longtime Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and questioned U.S. funding of a regional association that declared the country’s recent election results credible despite widespread allegations of voting irregularities.

U.S. Says Zimbabwe Vote Flawed, Won’t Ease Sanctions

The U.S. believes Zimbabwe's elections were flawed and does not intend to change its sanctions policy toward the government of President Robert Mugabe without credible, transparent reforms, the State Department said on Monday despite an endorsement of the recent vote by Southern African leaders at the weekend.