Dem Rep Attempts to Take Camera From America Rising Tracker

'We don't allow videotaping here'

Rep. Ron Kind (D., Wis.) confronted a tracker from America Rising PAC and attempted to grab his camera during a town hall, telling the tracker he wasn’t allowed to record the session with constituents. America Rising posted a video of the confrontation to its YouTube page.

Scott Walker: Taking New Job Clears Wisconsin GOP 2022 Field

Walker will take over the Young America's Foundation

Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker says his new job will help conservatives in two ways. One, Walker has the appeal and donor connections to turn the Young America's Foundation into a force for millennials. And two, by taking the job, Walker is getting out of the way for other Wisconsin Republicans in 2022.

Wisconsin Judge Rules in Favor of Religious Freedom

Religious institutions exempt from nondiscrimination ordinance addressing gender identity in public accommodation

A county judge in Wisconsin ruled last month that the city of De Pere’s nondiscrimination ordinance infringed on the right of religious freedom, granting a victory to five churches and a religious broadcaster which brought a legal challenge against the statute.