War on Women

Liberal Protest Group Hits Hillary Clinton on Equal Pay for Women

'As a feminist, I don't find her a feminist'

CLEVELAND, Ohio—The co-founder of liberal activist group Codepink took to the streets outside the Republican convention on Thursday to protest "war on women" issues such as equal pay and said that Hillary Clinton's history of paying men more than women shows that she is not a feminist.

Obama Advocacy Group Fails to Move Supreme Court Nomination

Organizing for Action’s phone banking had little impact on Garland’s Senate outlook

Merrick Garland is no closer to confirmation as the next Supreme Court justice than he was at the beginning of April despite a sustained campaign by President Obama’s personal advocacy group financed by some of the country’s top Democratic donors.

Obama’s War on Women’s Sports

President Barack Obama has a women's sports problem. We know he loves male sports because he somehow manages to closely follow all the major ones despite presumably doing all the things presidents are supposed to do on a daily basis, such as attend cabinet meeting and lead the free world. But where is the love for the ladies?