Tom Carper

Dem Senator Who Hit Ex-Wife Sits Out Rob Porter Abuse Scandal

Delaware's Tom Carper admitted to giving his ex-wife black eye

Delaware senator Tom Carper, a Democrat who has admitted to hitting his ex-wife hard enough to give her a black eye, will not be commenting on the scandal surrounding spousal abuse by now-resigned White House official Rob Porter.

Tom Carper Admitted to Hitting His Wife in 1998 Interview

Carper said allegation was 'without basis in fact' during first campaign for Congress

Sen. Tom CarperDelaware senator Tom Carper admitted to slapping his wife in a 1998 interview with a veteran political journalist in the state, confirming an accusation he denied when first running for Congress.

Congress Turns Spotlight to Government Waste

Hearing exposes billions in wasteful spending

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform highlighted wasteful federal spending on Thursday, holding a hearing that cited numerous examples of the practice, but few successes in eliminating it.

Preparing for Disaster

Government includes climate change in biennial list of at-risk areas within the federal government

Federal, state, and local governments need to better prepare for natural disasters, Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) said today at the unveiling of the Government Accountability Office’s High-Risk Series report.