Sherrod Brown

Brown Chides Dems Over Medicare for All

'Everybody feels good saying 'I'm for Medicare for All,' but nothing changes'

WATERLOO, Iowa—Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio) not only thinks that Medicare for All isn't "practical,"but he's also critical of fellow Democrats that "embrace the plan to feel good" while ignoring solutions that can make an immediate impact. During a meet and greet on Friday evening at the home of a local elected official, Brown was asked about his refusal to support the Medicare for All proposal championed by potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and nearly a dozen others.

Sherrod Brown Takes His ‘Dignity of Work’ Message on the Road

'We fight for the dignity of work. It's who we are ... how we govern ... it's how we'll win again in 2020'

BRUNSWICK, Ohio—The moment had all the hallmarks of a presidential announcement: a friendly hometown crowd (despite below-freezing temperatures), an adoring spouse on hand to provide an introduction, a factory floor in the American heartland secured for backdrop, and a number of national journalists flown in to cover.