Russia Using Space Warfare Systems in Syrian War

Moscow relying on satellites to gather intelligence after recent anti-satellite weapons test

Russia is employing a significant portion of its space assets to gather intelligence and conduct airstrikes in Syria, underscoring Moscow’s reliance on the military use of spacecraft, according to reports.

Military Gears Up for Space Warfare

New command structures, satellite defenses outlined

Pentagon, military, and intelligence officials outlined plans on Wednesday for warfare in space and warned China not to attack U.S. satellites in any future conflict. “The threats are real, they’re technologically advanced and they’re a concern,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, in testimony before a House subcommittee. "We are quickly approaching the point where every satellite in every orbit can be threatened."

Red Shift

China building up space warfare capabilities, report says

China’s military is building up space warfare forces with missiles, military satellites, and electronic systems designed to attack U.S. satellites and space-transiting precision strike vehicles, according to a congressional report.

Satellite Sweepstakes

Commercial satellite export controls to be loosened under House bill opposed by Obama administration

The Obama administration is opposing House legislation that would loosen restrictions on exports of U.S. satellites that were imposed after two U.S. companies illegally improved China’s strategic missiles through satellite launch deals in the 1990s.

Beijing’s Battle Plan

Chinese military writings reveal cyber, space war plans

China’s People’s Liberation Army is preparing to destroy U.S. computer and network infrastructure in future attacks and knock out satellites with microwave pulses, according to recently translated Chinese military writings.

The Star Fighters

Administration report warns that loosening exports on space technology could boost China’s space warfare capabilities

China is building space weapons designed to defeat U.S. and allied long-range missiles, and U.S. plans to loosen controls on satellite exports likely will boost Beijing’s space warfare programs, according to a Obama administration report made public on Wednesday.

Obama’s Risky Fire Sale

Republicans investigating White House plan to issue arms export license for satellite technology to Hong Kong

The Obama administration recently notified Congress it will grant a high-technology arms export license to a Hong Kong satellite company with Chinese ties, a move congressional Republicans say violates U.S. sanctions on Beijing. The State Department notified the House and Senate on March 20 that it planned to issue a license under the Arms Export Control Act to Space Systems/Loral to sell restricted satellite technology to Hong Kong-based Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company, Ltd., (known as AsiaSat); Hong Kong businessman Barry Turner; and Thaicom Public Company, Ltd., in Thailand.