Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke, Loser

Suffers embarrassing loss in California state senate race

Say what you will about Sandra Fluke, but she was not the worst candidate of the 2014 cycle. Unlike Sean Eldridge, Fluke was humble enough to seek political office at the state level. Unfortunately, Fluke lost her bid for a seat in the California state Senate. In fact, she was demolished, losing by more than 21 points to fellow Democrat Ben Allen.

Sandra Fluke Fails to Avoid Runoff Despite Michael Moore Endorsement

Global women’s icon Sandra Fluke failed to avoid a runoff in her race for state senate in California, after coming in second place behind Democratic opponent Ben Allen. Fluke garnered 19.7 percent of the vote to Allen’s 21.9 percent. The two candidates will face off again in November. Fluke’s failure to win the race outright is a blow to left-wing multi-millionaire filmmaker Michael Moore, who supported her candidacy.

Sugar Daddy in Chief

Five examples of Obama using executive authority to entice key constituencies

President Obama has repeatedly over the past several months used his executive authority to reward certain key constituencies, a process sometimes referred to as “vote buying.”