The Rainmakers

Column: Where would Democrats be without Charles and David Koch?

Charles and David KochBeleaguered, adrift, defensive, angry, eager to escape from attacks on Obamacare, President Obama and his allies have a secret weapon with which to rally their base. This voice-activated device is incredibly easy to use. One need only utter the words “Koch brothers,” and the financial apparatus of the Democratic Party begins to whir.

Emails and Electioneering

Expert: CAP staffer emailing Booker Senate campaign in possible violation of nonprofit rules

Leaked emails in which a left-wing nonprofit promotes events by the President Obama-aligned Organizing for Action and circulates Democratic Party talking points on the government shutdown may be a possible violation of rules governing tax-exempt status for such organizations, experts say.

DNC in Debt, Delaying Payments to Vendors

GOP suggests dark money group Organizing for Action soaking up donations

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is mired in debt and is even putting off payments to vendors, who complained anonymously to CNN about overdue bills owed by the party’s national committee.

Nervous OFA Goes on Offense Over Obamacare

Obama-backing group announces seven-figure ad buy touting Obamacare

Organizing for Action (OFA), the shadowy nonprofit activist group that evolved from the president’s campaign, is stepping up its defense of his controversial health care law, signaling to some that the group is increasingly worried about a political backlash against the law.

Democracy Alliance Company Turns On Obama

A wireless provider with ties to the secret dark money group the Democracy Alliance is pushing back against the Obama administration’s surveillance of customers. CREDO Mobile co-founder Michael Kieschnick said on Thursday he was ‘deeply disturbed’ by the administration’s overreach of individual’s civil liberties.

Out of Touch

Americans don’t care about the issues on OFA’s target list

The stated priorities of President Barack Obama’s shadowy activist group, Organizing for Action (OFA), are not the issues most Americans care about, according to numerous polls ranking the country’s political priorities.