New Yorker

The New Yorker Believes Al Franken Over Eight Women, Your Lying Eyes

The argument for Franken's innocence is that lot of people who like Franken insist he is

The evidence in Jane Mayer's Kavanaugh story was rather weak compared to your average #MeToo story, which is why it is puzzling that Mayer's newest piece is a lengthy diatribe arguing all eight of the women who accused former Democratic Senator Al Franken of impropriety—Democrats and Republicans alike—were mistaken or lying. The argument is Franken is innocent of groping and forced kissing because a lot of people who like Franken insists he is; also, he has a family and cries a lot.

Thou Doth #Resist Too Much: It’s Time to Put the MAGA Back in Magazines

#Resistance journalism is kicking into gear ahead of the midterm elections. Opinion columnists at major publications are earning those fat pay checks by courageously churning out insights into why “Trump Is Bad,” or “American Needs a President, Not a Tweeter-In-Chief” — thoughtful arguments that challenge readers to think deeply about the issues. Meanwhile, editors at Time magazine and the New Yorker (the publication arm of the Andy Borowitz blog), are having a field day with their cover art selections.