Dark Money Org Created Fake Facebook News Groups to Reach Nevada Voters

Tactics were similar to Russian disinformation efforts in 2016 using social media

A group promoting progressive health care policies in Nevada paid for Facebook advertisements in which the source of the content appeared to originate from a pair of local, state-based news organizations—news organizations that did not exist in any meaningful sense.

Graham Urges Voters to Rebuke Democrats for Kavanaugh Treatment

'It’s a noble cause in their eyes to destroy a conservative judicial candidate...I hope politically they pay a price'

HENDERSON, Nev.—Republican senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) said on Friday that the Democratic Party needed to face electoral consequences for the vitriol it unleashed during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Nevada Democrats Struggle to Live Up to ‘Blue Wave’ Hype

Nevada Democrats are failing to put away Republicans despite demographic and funding advantages

LAS VEGAS—Democrats in Nevada are struggling to live up to the hype of a coming "blue wave," despite favorable demographics, a fundraising advantage, and top-tier candidates.