Middle East

The Iranian Threat

A response to Peter Beinart, who claims Iran is not a 'uniquely malevolent actor' in the Middle East

Peter Beinart's argument is simply absurd, full of omissions and distortions that obfuscate simple truths: the regime in Iran is evil and poses, by far, the greatest threat to American interests in the Middle East.

Is the U.S. Planning for the Right War?

Analysis: The Pentagon may not be prepared for the next war, but it wants to be ready for the more important one

US soldiers take part in a massive amphibious landingThere are at least two problems with the military shifting its focus toward great-power war against Eurasia's two giants at the expense of its capabilities to conduct irregular warfare in the Middle East. First, it seems that, realistically, the next war in which the U.S. is engaged is much more likely to be irregular and involve terrorists and insurgents in Africa or the Middle East, rather than, say, a war with China over Taiwan. Second, regardless of what objective analysis shows to be the most sound, effective defense strategy for the U.S., the political reality in Washington is that the Middle East always seems to dominate the headlines, and lawmakers can never seem to make the strategic shift away from the region.

Entering the Twilight Zone in the Middle East

When friends become foes and foes become friends, something is very wrong

This notion—of Iran and Saudi Arabia getting over their differences and "sharing" the Middle East—endured past Barack Obama's presidency and is now an established part of left-wing foreign policy.

The Destructive Legacy of Obama’s Approach to the Middle East

Beyond leaving the region aflame, the 44th president left lasting damage in Washington, D.C.

The chief legacy of Barack Obama's foreign policy is not the Iran nuclear deal, which could not even survive his successor, but rather the visceral partisanship that he fostered at home while trying to defend the deal.

The War Between Iran and Israel Moves to Iraq

Tehran has begun redeploying its military assets in Syria toward the Iraqi border

Israel's campaign of airstrikes against Iranian military targets in Syria has led Iran to move the bulk of its soldiers and bases away from the Israeli border toward Iraq.