Michael Turner

Rep. Michael Turner Criticizes Holding of Political Prisoners in Georgia

Warns of ‘negative impact’ on U.S.-Georgia relations

Rep. Michael Turner (R., Ohio) reiterated concerns about the ongoing crackdown on Georgia's political opposition in a statement Wednesday after meeting with Tedo Japaridze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee. Turner put forward an amendment last month that subsequently passed the House and warned of the “negative impact” the crackdown could have on U.S.-Georgian relations.

The Delphi Legacy

Paul Ryan hammers Obama on shady auto bailout pension deal at Ohio rally

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan slammed President Barack Obama for the Auto Task Force’s treatment of nonunion workers who saw their pensions slashed by 70 percent, while their union coworkers lost no funds thanks to a $1 billion “top-off” by GM, during a rally in Sabina, Ohio, on Saturday.

Going Nuclear

GOP Armed Services chiefs call planned deeper nuclear cut ‘unilateral disarmament’

Two senior leaders of the House Armed Services Committee this week criticized President Obama’s forthcoming plan to seek deeper cuts in strategic nuclear warheads, calling a Pentagon study on the matter “unilateral disarmament.”

Intermediate Threat

Turner: Russia missile tests indicate Moscow to abandon intermediate-range missile ban

Russia’s recent tests of ballistic missiles are clear signs Moscow is making good on announced threats to prepare preemptive strikes on U.S. missile defenses, a senior House Republican disclosed this week.

Beijing’s Kim Connection

Photos show Chinese mobile launcher for new North Korean ICBM, prompting calls for arms sanctions on Beijing

A new North Korean mobile missile recently made public is built on a transporter-launcher nearly identical to a Chinese mobile launcher, according to U.S. officials and private analysts.