Michael Kempner

Billionaires, Rappers, and Former Lobbyists Give to OFA

Organizing for America takes in $4.8 million in first quarter disclosures

President Barack Obama’s advocacy organization Organizing for Action (OFA) raised over $4.8 million from first-quarter donors, including the chairman of a major lobbying firm, wealthy progressives affiliated with the secretive Democracy Alliance, and a member of popular 1990s hip-hop group the Fugees, according to a list of first quarter contributors released by the group today.

Fact-Checking AP’s Top 5 Obama Fundraisers

Throughout the 2012 cycle, the media has made a concerted effort to frame the difference between liberal donors and conservative ones. Once again, the media elites have inaccurately portrayed Democrat donors. This time, The Associated Press dramatically under-reported the amount of money that Obama’s “Top 5 fundraisers” have contributed.

Lobbyists Comfy in Obama White House

Media coverage ignores Obama’s cozy relationship with lobbyists and shattered promises of transparency

The implication that lobbyists have seen their influence wane under President Barack Obama is belied by the facts.