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Al Qaeda in Syria ‘Tweeting Jihad to Over 200,000 Followers’

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Twitter support for terror group hits high point

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Islamic State Terror Handbook Trains Western Jihadis To Avoid Capture

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Terror e-book: Secret bomb making, tips to transport weapons

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Countdown to Launch

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Former Iranian official launches ‘Countdown to an Attack on Israel’

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Terror Tweets

Friday, December 21st, 2012

A person claiming to be an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist uses Twitter, YouTube

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Terror Twitter

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

FBI fails to order removal of terrorist, Jihadist Twitter accounts, lawmakers claim

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Arab World Celebrates 9/11 by Blaming Attacks on Israel, U.S. Jews

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Al-Qaeda leader promises more attacks on U.S., Israel

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The Protocols of Apple

Friday, August 17th, 2012

iTunes, Android marketplace selling anti-Semitic book