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MSNBC's 'Stand Your Ground' Fail

'Martin Bashir' panel decries 'Stand Your Ground' defense, passively mentions Zimmerman didn't use it

Matthews: 'All We Do Is Kill Arabs on International Television'

MSNBC Exec in 2012: Matthews a 'statesman,' 'model' for network

MSNBC Anchor Distorts NRA Statement for Political Gain

Update: Bashir reads full NRA statement 12 minutes after he cut off two-thirds of it in interview

December 18, 2012

Martin Bashir Gets Starstruck

Liberal host, guests excitedly discuss Senate prospects of Judd, Colbert

December 7, 2012

Obama’s Barclays Buddies

MSNBC Anchor ignores that current and former execs at disgraced bank are prominent Obama fundraisers