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Eva Longoria: The Cougar Strikes Back

Eva Longoria’s role as a matchmaker was short-lived after NBC canceled her dating show Ready for Love after only two episodes due to low ratings. The show may not have been a total loss for the 38 year-old Lay’s spokeswoman who has recently been spotted getting cozy with one of the show’s contestants, Ernesto Arguello.

The Man Who Would Turn Texas Blue

Feature: DNC finance chair Henry Muñoz has history of political cronyism, critics say

An ambitious plan to turn Texas into a Democratic bastion has increased scrutiny on newly appointed DNC finance chair Henry Muñoz III, a San Antonio native who critics say built his architectural empire through political cronyism.

Longoria Leads Obama Inaugural Committee

Politico reported on Thursday that Eva Longoria will co-chair the 2013 inauguration committee along with former Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun, Democratic National Committee National Finance Chair Jane Stetson and technology entrepreneur and Obama bundler Frank White.

The Democratic Party Pooper

Obama bundler, Super PAC attorney Stuart Grant sues party crashers, Wal-Mart

One of President Barack Obama’s favorite ploys on the campaign trail is to buy rally-goers beers—but one of his biggest bundlers seems more comfortable suing beer drinkers.