Top 2020 Dems Want to Do Putin’s Bidding, Ban Fracking

Former White House national security expert Fiona Hill testified Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin viewed American fracking as a "great threat to Russian interests;" top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, however, have called for an outright ban of the practice.

Fracking Ban Proposed By 2020 Dems Would Kill Millions of Jobs

Fracking has put U.S. on path to energy independence, lowering carbon emissions

A proposed fracking ban put forward by leading Democratic presidential candidates would have a devastating impact on U.S. jobs, energy independence, and even national security, according to several studies.

Energy Expert: Warren’s Proposed Fracking Ban Harmful to U.S. Security

Several 2020 Democrats have called for ban on hydraulic fracturing

Elizabeth WarrenSen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) announced last week she would ban fracking "everywhere" if she becomes president, but she wouldn't have the power to do it, an energy expert called it a threat to U.S. national security, and it could hurt her electoral hopes in the key state of Pennsylvania.

Pro-Fracking Dem John Hickenlooper Hires Firm That Rebranded BP

2020 candidate who said 'fracking is good' hires firm that moved oil giant 'beyond petroleum'

Colorado Gov. John HickenlooperThe firm hired to poll-test the feasibility of a presidential run for Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, an environmental outcast on the left due to his pro-fracking stance, is the same firm that successfully rebranded oil giant BP as a green company moving "beyond petroleum."

Colorado Voters Nix Proposed Restrictions on Oil and Gas Drilling

Opponents argued it was total ban of energy production

frackingColorado voters shot down a proposition that would have imposed significant new setback regulations on future oil and gas drilling in the state, a move many national political watchers thought could have been a bellwether signal regarding tougher environmental regulation for other parts of the nation as well.