A123 Sale Approved

Chinese firm buys bankrupt DOE-grant recipient, reportedly looking at Fisker

The sale of bankrupt electric-car battery maker A123 to Chinese firm Wanxiang America has been approved by the necessary interagency panel.

The Domino Effect
of Green Energy Failure

Battery-maker’s collapse leads to massive delays for electric car company

The collapse of a government-subsidized battery manufacturer has caused the production of a government-subsidized electric car company to halt, raising questions about the government’s wisdom in supporting the two companies.

Betting on Green

Obama doubles down on failed green energy projects

President Barack Obama appears to be doubling down on his policies of using taxpayer money to finance green energy investments despite an increasingly spotty track record.

Shovel-Ready in Europe

Obama campaign ad touts record of giving billions to firms to create jobs overseas

A new Obama campaign ad accusing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of shipping jobs overseas celebrates the president’s clean energy program, which has given taxpayer-guaranteed loans to foreign-owned companies and firms that manufacture their products outside the United States.