Fiscal Cliff

On Social Security, A Divided Democratic Party

Willingness to allow adjustment to benefit increases raises left’s hackles

Democratic Party leaders on Tuesday signaled a willingness to accept an adjustment to Social Security benefits that New York Times’ columnist and amateur psychohistorian Paul Krugman has called “cruel and stupid.”

Cobbling Together a Cliff Coalition

GOP leadership united on fiscal cliff deal despite conservative complaints, aides say

Negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff entered a critical stage this week as the outlines of a potential compromise began to materialize.

Breaking Ranks

Conservatives slam House GOP leadership for ceding ground to Democrats

Conservative lawmakers on Wednesday expressed their displeasure at the ongoing talks over the so-called fiscal cliff and offered only lukewarm support for House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio), who is trying to negotiate a deal with President Barack Obama before the end of the year.

Democrats Ready
to March off the Cliff

GOP willing to negotiate but Democrats refuse

A potential deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff could be undermined by the Democratic Party’s refusal to come to terms with the unsustainability of federal entitlement programs, or to even acknowledge that the government is spending too much.