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Failing Up: Blocked Biden Nominee Now Overseeing White House Effort To Potentially Shutter Major Energy Source

In her current role, Daniel-Davis signed agreement with an eco group she previously worked for

July 10, 2024

Nearly Half of American EV Drivers Want To Return To Gas: Report

Survey comes as President Biden continues to push regulations that foster ‘robust EV market’

June 25, 2024

Biden DOE Outsourcing Home Appliance Regulations to Left-Wing Green Groups

DOE's 'stakeholders' include several groups funded by progressive billionaires

June 24, 2024

Biden Admin Says It's Approved More Oil Drilling Permits Than the Trump Admin. Its Own Data Show Otherwise.

Biden admin continues to 'mislead the public for their own political gain,' GOP spokesman says

June 24, 2024

John Kerry's Climate Office Coordinated With Left-Wing Nonprofits Working To Shut Down Coal, Internal Docs Show

'Evidence continues to mount' showing Biden admin's coordination with eco groups, Oversight chairman James Comer tells the Free Beacon

June 18, 2024

California Dem Congressional Candidate Says He Opposes Gas Stove and Car Bans. He's Touting an Endorsement From Group That's Pushing Them.

George Whitesides embraces endorsement from environmental group that spent half a million dollars lobbying for bans on gas stoves, cars, and trains

May 16, 2024

Biden’s EPA May Soon Greenlight California Diesel Train Ban, Sparking Backlash From GOP

Association of American Railroads has warned that California is using 'unreasonable, flawed assumptions' in its crackdown

May 15, 2024