Report: DOE Withheld Data on Bankrupt Green Energy Company

ECOtality received more than $100M in stimulus awards

The Department of Energy withheld troubling cost and performance data on a major stimulus award from a federal watchdog before the company servicing the award went bankrupt, according to a report released on Tuesday.

ECOtality Files for Bankruptcy

ECOtality was awarded $115 million in stimulus funds

Taxpayer-backed green energy company ECOtality filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday following weeks of turmoil in which the company laid off employees and ceased filling orders for its electric vehicle charging stations.

Layoffs Hit Taxpayer-backed ECOtality

40 employees laid off as green energy company eyes bankruptcy

A taxpayer-backed green energy company teetering on the edge of bankruptcy laid off dozens of employees on Friday, including all remaining employees in its industrial division.

ECOtality Faces Lawsuit for ‘Misleading’ Investors

Stimulus-backed green energy company laid off most of its staff last week

Investors filed a class action lawsuit against a stimulus-backed green energy company on Thursday alleging that company executives misled them about the financial health of the firm, which last week laid off part of its workforce.