Department of Defense

Trump, Irritated By Resignation Letter, Pushes Mattis Out Early

Defense Secretary James MattisWASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday said he was replacing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis two months earlier than had been expected, a move officials said was driven by Trump’s anger at Mattis’ resignation letter and its rebuke of his foreign policy.

DOD: Incompetence Led Air Force Not to Share Shooter’s Criminal Records With FBI

'The failures had drastic consequences and should not have occurred'

The Air Force repeatedly failed to submit the Sutherland Springs shooter's criminal record to the FBI, allowing the shooter to purchase guns without failing a background check. A report issued by the Department of Defense's Inspector General on Thursday said this was due to a lack of understanding or mistakes on the part of military law enforcement officials.

The Wrong Time to Cut Defense

Column: A new bipartisan report exposes the dangers facing America

US soldiers take part in a massive amphibious landingLast month, when the Treasury Department reported that the fiscal year 2018 deficit was a staggering $779 billion, President Trump made an announcement. Before meeting with his cabinet, the president said he would be asking every secretary to trim five percent, "if not more," from his or her budget. Nor would he exempt the department of Defense. Here's hoping Trump changes his mind. Cutting the resources available to the Pentagon is a bad idea. A new report from the bipartisan National Defense Strategy Commission underscores just how bad.

Flake Amendment Would Ban Funds for Robot Bartenders

Arizona Republican wants to prevent tax dollars from subsidizing technology viable in the private sector

Sen. Jeff FlakeRepublican senator Jeff Flake (Ariz.) is seeking to prevent the federal government from spending tax dollars on the development of robotic bartenders.