Communist Party

New York Times Wants Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, Unless They’re Cuban Doctors Fleeing Communism

The New York Times editorial board supports comprehensive immigration reform that would give millions of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. In the meantime, the Times’ editors want President Obama to take “big and bold” action on his own that would effectively legalize millions of unauthorized immigrants. But while the Times does not appear to have a problem with illegal immigration, its editors have found at least one form of legal immigration they want to stop. In an editorial published on Sunday, the board lamented the “Cuban brain drain” brought on by U.S. immigration policy. Specifically, they want to do away with a program allowing highly trained Cuban doctors to defect to the United States while serving on medical missions abroad:

Harvard Elites ‘Explore’ Havana

Are you a Harvard alumni? Are you eager to visit a communist nation, but don't want to travel to China or Vietnam? Great! You can sign up for an “Exploring Havana, Cuba” excursion. (Well, technically it’s too late, but there’s always next year.) The trip, which was made possible by a “people-to-people” exchange license granted by the United States Treasury, promises to provide “meaningful interactions with Cuban people.” From the official program:

War Preparation Indicator

Beijing hardens subways for nuclear, gas attacks

China recently upgraded its subway system in Beijing and revealed that its mass transit was hardened to withstand nuclear blasts or chemical gas attacks in a future war, state-run media reported last month.

Wang on Trial

Wang Lijun faces death penalty or lengthy prison term

China’s government on Monday began the trial of Wang Lijun, the senior Communist Party police official who sought to defect to a U.S. consulate but was turned away, with a secret hearing in southern China.

Beijing Floods the Zone

WaPo-branded China Daily site just one cog in Chi-Com propaganda machine

The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine is ramping up across Washington, D.C., in ways large and small. The principal cog in China’s effort to influence U.S. thought leaders is China Daily, an English-language newspaper that takes an uncritical look at the People’s Republic of China and toes the Communist party line on a range of issues, including the economy and politics.

Bye Bye Bo

Flamboyant China Party Boss Ousted

China’s powerful regional Communist Party chief in southern Chongqing, who was angling for a seat on the collective dictatorship that rules China, was ousted on Thursday, state-run media reported. U.S. officials and outside China watchers said the ouster of Bo Xilai, who was behind a Cultural Revolution-style revival of Maoism, signals high-level divisions within the Party hierarchy months before a major leadership change.

Intel Fight Over China Succession

U.S. intelligence debates threat of hardline takeover as next designated Party leader meets Obama

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping arrived in Washington on Monday as his future as China’s next supreme leader is the subject of a fierce debate within the U.S. government over whether he is under attack by a hardline nationalist faction within the ruling Communist Party. According to U.S. national security officials, new indications of potentially destabilizing factionalism surfaced last week during the attempted defection to the United States of a senior Chinese police official.