Brett McGurk

Nomination Interruptus

Leaked emails put Obama Nomination in Jeopary

Revelations that the Obama administration’s choice to be the next ambassador to Iraq engaged in a torrid extramarital affair with a Wall Street Journal reporter have put his nomination in serious jeopardy according to multiple sources close to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which is currently considering the appointment.

Arabian Nights

Leaked Emails Endanger Obama Nominee

President Obama’s ambassadorial nominee to Iraq appears to have conducted a lascivious extramarital affair with a Wall Street Journal reporter while the duo were stationed in Iraq, according to a collection of often-explicit emails posted on the website Cryptome earlier this week.

Iraq Ambassador Nominee Under Fire

Failed negotiator tied to Islamist groups

President Barack Obama’s pick for ambassador to Iraq has come under fire for his ties to Islamist parties, as well as his failure to negotiate for continued U.S. troop presence in the country.