Bob Goodlatte

Low Times

Obama admin unlikely to unilaterally remove marijuana from list of Schedule I drugs

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder indicated Tuesday that the Obama administration is not planning to unilaterally change the status of marijuana as a Schedule I drug.

House Judiciary Investigating Holder’s Statements

House Judiciary chairman: 'Fair to say' committee is investigating attorney general for 'conflicts' in testimony

The House Judiciary Committee is investigating “conflicts” in statements given by Attorney General Eric Holder, committee chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) said Sunday.

Potential Perjury

House Judiciary Committee opens probe into possible Holder perjury

The House Judiciary Committee opened a formal probe Wednesday into whether Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself in May 15 testimony before the committee regarding the Justice Department’s surveillance of reporters.

Perez Used Private Email for Gov Business

Emails to Planned Parenthood, New York Times, Talking Points Memo

Documents show Labor Secretary nominee Tom Perez used his private email account to leak information about official business while he was assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform said in a Wednesday letter to Perez.

FBI Goes Hollywood

DOJ says budget cuts could allow criminals to go free as it spends $50M on conferences

Department of Justice officials were grilled over wasteful spending at the agency, including over $50 million on conferences, $11 million on luxury private jets, and a special unit that helps Hollywood produce films and TV shows, during a House Judiciary Committee Hearing Wednesday.

Trust But E-Verify

Any immigration reform must include worker status policing, congressmen and witnesses agree

An electric verification system for a worker’s legal status and a corresponding enforcement of immigration policy must be part of any immigration overhaul, a House committee hearing on Wednesday indicated.