Assisted Suicide

Family Doctors’ Lobby Lifts Opposition to Assisted Suicide

Resolution bans use of the term, urges AMA to reconsider longstanding opposition

A doctor holds up a drug testing kit which is used as part of assisted suicidesOne of the nation's largest doctors' lobbies has retracted its opposition to assisted suicide. Delegates from the American Academy of Family Physicians, which represents more than 130,000 doctors nationwide, voted to change the group's stance to "engaged neutrality" on the question of whether physicians should be able to prescribe lethal medications to patients. The resolution was reached at the organization’s Congress of Delegates held last week in New Orleans. AAFP president Michael Munger said in a statement posted to the group's website that the resolution was designed to help doctors care for their patients.

CA’s Assisted Suicide Law Back On for Now

Appeals Court allows assisted suicide to continue pending decisions on law's validity

California residents can still seek lethal medication as state courts consider a ruling that would overturn its 2015 assisted suicide law.

California Seeks to Resurrect Assisted Suicide

AG's office appeals district court ruling that tossed physician-assisted suicide

California is hoping that a state appeals court will preserve its assisted-suicide regimen after a judge struck down the law on technical grounds.

Court Tosses Assisted Suicide in California

Judge said lawmakers should not have rushed bill through special session

A judge struck down assisted suicide in California, saying state lawmakers improperly enacted the law allowing patients deemed terminally ill to kill themselves.

D.C. Health Defends Assisted-Suicide Implementations

Agency says registries are designed to protect vulnerable patients, disputing assisted-suicide advocates' criticism

A doctor holds up a drug testing kit which is used as part of assisted suicidesThe Washington, D.C., Department of Health said its assisted-suicide program is designed to protect vulnerable patients, disputing criticism from advocates that it has hampered access to lethal medication.