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House Moves To Sanction Iranian Terror Proxies

Many missiles aimed at Israel were launched by Iran's allied militant groups in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen

April 15, 2024

Congress Mandates Increased Oversight on State’s Palestinian Affairs Office

Office of Palestinian Affairs under fire for calling on Israel to stand down hours after Hamas terror attack

April 1, 2024

Neither the Best Nor the Brightest

REVIEW: ‘The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore American Foreign Policy After Trump’ by Alexander Ward

March 10, 2024

'Iranian Appeasement': Biden and Harris Decline White House Meeting With Kurdish Leader

Iraq's Kurdish region has served as bulwark against Iranian efforts to infiltrate Iraq

February 28, 2024

America Is in Deep Trouble

Column: The president weakens America for a chance at reelection

February 8, 2024