Bill Clinton Would Take Money From Algeria Again

Algeria has history of embezzling aid funds, poor human rights record

The Clinton Foundation admitted that taking a $500,000 donation from Algeria while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state violated the agreement in place that it would not take any foreign donations—but Bill Clinton says he would do it again.

U.S. Transfers Two Guantanamo Detainees to Algeria

Obama administration says transfer is part of plan to close Gitmo

The United States on Thursday said it had transferred two men from the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the government of Algeria as part of its ongoing effort to close the controversial prison.

Terms of Endangerment

Obama faces manifold threats, challenges as he begins second presidential term

President Barack Obama faces manifold threats and challenges, foreign and domestic, as he begins his second term in office.

The Islamists Strike

American hostages taken in Algeria by Qaeda affiliate as Middle East tumult spreads

United States officials confirmed Wednesday that Americans were taken hostage following a terrorist attack on a British Petroleum gas field site in Algeria.