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Moyers, Inc.

Liberal icon funnels $1.3 million to liberal nonprofits who appear on his show

September 27, 2012

ALICE in Donor Land

Wisconsin liberals mimic conservative group they love to hate

September 25, 2012

Cadillac Presents: Liberal Talking Points Live

GM signs sponsorship deal, remains in debt to the taxpayers

August 16, 2012

The Left’s Corporate Shakedown

Anti-ALEC groups engage in extortion-like tactics to cripple conservative org

July 17, 2012

Common Hypocrisy

Campaign finance reform group says it is centrist but takes money from the left to attack the right

June 20, 2012

The Anti-ALEC alliance

Group at heart of anti-conservative crusade is shadowy organization funded by leftwing millionaires and billionaires

June 14, 2012

Bashir Blasts Parent Companies’ Group

Asks why Koch Industries hasn’t left ALEC—though GE and Comcast are still members

Target: ALEC

Liberal advocacy groups meet to plot conservative network’s demise

May 14, 2012

Meet the Left-Wing ALECs

Smear campaign against free-enterprise legislative conference conducted by shadowy progressive groups that serve similar function and rely on secret donors

April 26, 2012