Powering China’s Military

U.S. battery technology to boost Chinese military, satellites

China’s purchase of a United States high-technology battery maker will boost Beijing’s military forces and satellites and threaten the security of U.S. electrical power and communications grids, according former national security officials.

The Domino Effect
of Green Energy Failure

Battery-maker’s collapse leads to massive delays for electric car company

The collapse of a government-subsidized battery manufacturer has caused the production of a government-subsidized electric car company to halt, raising questions about the government’s wisdom in supporting the two companies.


A123 sale to Chinese firm raises security concerns, Republicans and outside critics say

Republicans and outside business groups are calling on the Treasury Department to reject the sale of bankrupt battery-maker and stimulus recipient A123 Systems, Inc. to a Chinese firm, arguing the move could put American national security at risk.

EV isn’t EZ

U.S., Germany walk back 1M electric vehicle goal

The U.S. and Germany have quietly walked back their ambitious goal to put 1 million electric vehicles on the road in their respective countries, despite considerable government subsidies and consumer incentives.

Betting on Green

Obama doubles down on failed green energy projects

President Barack Obama appears to be doubling down on his policies of using taxpayer money to finance green energy investments despite an increasingly spotty track record.