Elderly Harlem Woman Snaps at de Blasio at Town Hall Meeting

Bill de Blasio / Getty Images
August 4, 2017

An elderly woman from Harlem yelled at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during a town hall meeting Wednesday night, demanding service to fix her neighborhood's cracked sidewalks.

Catherine Nixon, 96 took the microphone at a town hall meeting located at the Police Athletic League Center in East Harlem to air her grievances about the poorly maintained sidewalks in her neighborhood, the New York Post reported.

Nixon, who uses a walker, donned a rhinestone encrusted baseball cap with a cross on the front and dark sunglasses.

She complained about the cracked sidewalks in her neighborhood that gather "pools of water," making it difficult for her to walk down the street with a walker.

"I've worn out three or four walkers," Nixon said. "I have to get out to the middle of the street to get to the other side."

"So what is going on?" Nixon asked de Blasio.

De Blasio, smiling and laughing to ease the tension, attempted to calm Nixon down but she continued to speak.

"Are there not inspectors?" Nixon asked.

"I got you," de Blasio said before laughing and placing his hand on hers to comfort her.

"Listen, are there no inspectors?" Nixon yelled. "They should come out and find out. And some of these sidewalks are so broken up they need to be repaired."

"I want some service for the people of this city. I want service for everybody! We need service now," Nixon said.

De Blasio thanked Nixon for her criticisms and jokingly said, "Sidewalks, I liked that. Sidewalks for everybody."