White House: ‘No Immediate Personnel Changes at This Time’

Amidst rumors of impending departures from the White House staff, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters staff should not expect any personnel changes at this time.

A reporter, in the wake of the president firing Rex Tillerson and continued rumors of pending shakeups, told Sanders, "we're hearing a lot from staff behind the scenes saying they're on edge, people are worried, they don't know what's happening in terms of staffing exits, firings."

"Has the president or the chief of staff made any kind of assurances to staffers today about what's to come?" the reporter asked.

Sanders said chief of staff John Kelly had spoken to staff that morning, reassuring them there would be "no immediate personnel changes at this time" and people should "not be concerned."

Instead, Sanders said the White House should be focused on their jobs and in doing the "best job we can."

"That's exactly what we're doing and what we're focused on, and many of us have relayed that to staffers," she said.

Sanders finished by saying the administration is focused on having a second year as successful as the first.