Trump Lists All the Things He Has Done Since Taking Office

President Donald Trump took time during his unexpected press conference Thursday to list all of his accomplishments so far since taking office.

The accomplishments included:

  • Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
  • Directing the elimination of regulations that undermine U.S. manufacturing
  • Calling for expedited approval of permits needed for American infrastructure
  • Imposing a hiring freeze on nonessential federal employees
  • Imposing a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations
  • Issuing a new rule that for every new regulation, two old regulations need to be eliminated
  • Standing up for the men and women of law enforcement
  • Creating a task force for reducing violence and crime in America
  • Ordering the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to coordinate with each other to destroy drug cartels
  • Beginning to build a "promised" wall along the country's southern border with Mexico