Trump: The Stock Market Will Crash if I’m Impeached


President Donald Trump predicted in an interview airing Thursday that if Democrats take back control of Congress and impeach him, the stock market would crash.

"Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt asked if Trump believes Democrats would impeach him if they succeed in winning back Congress. They have been in the minority in the House of Representatives since the 2010 Republican Tea Party wave.

"Seventy-six days away from the midterms, hard to believe. If the Democrats take back power, do you believe they will try to impeach you?" Earhardt asked.

"Well, you know, I guess it says something like high crimes and all—I don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job," Trump said. "I will tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking, you would see—you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe in reverse."

The stock market under the Trump presidency has continued to make gains. CNBC reports the S&P 500 is up 7 percent for the year. The economy overall has been doing well under Trump. The economy grew at a 4.1 percent clip last quarter with forecasts predicting a continued growth above 4 percent. Unemployment has fallen to 3.9 percent, the lowest since 1969.

Trump went on to say that if he didn't defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, the economy would have gotten worse.

"If Hillary Clinton got elected, instead of 4.1 up—and each point is $3.5 trillion and 10 million jobs, when I took it over it was at one … it was going down. I freed up, I got rid of regulations," Trump said. "The tax cut was a tremendous thing. But even before the tax cut, right from first day, I got rid of regulation. I approved the pipelines, 48,000 jobs. But I did a lot of things. Had Hillary and the Democrats gotten in, had she been president, you would have had negative growth. We picked up $10 trillion in worth."

Democrats are split when it comes to pushing for the impeachment of Trump. Party leaders like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said impeaching Trump is something Democrats shouldn't pursue, but roughly one-third of the Democratic caucus supported advancing Rep. Al Green's (D., Texas) articles of impeachment in January.

A NPR poll revealed 47 percent of voters would oppose a candidate who wished to impeach Trump, compared to 42 percent of those who would support such a candidate. The poll showed 70 percent of Democratic voters would back a candidate favoring impeachment.

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Andrew Kugle is the assistant social media editor for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2013. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, he worked as a Staff/Press Assistant for South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem. Andrew is from De Pere, Wisconsin and lives in D.C. His Twitter handle is @AndrewJKugle. You can reach him at

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