Top De Blasio Aide Dating Murderer Who Gets ‘Adrenaline Rush’ from Violence


The live-in boyfriend of a top adviser to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was outed last week as a convicted murderer, and now the New York Post has found comments he made on blogs that glorify violence towards women and demean black women.

The man lives with Rachel Noerdlinger, who is the chief of staff for de Blasio's wife. Last week it was reported that Hassaun McFarlan has a long rap sheet which includes homicide, conspiring to run a cocaine operation, and an attempt to run a police vehicle off a highway.

Now his Internet writing has been found, and it includes comments such as this one about oral sex: "Trying to find the right black woman with a mean [oral sex] game is like trying to find a black woman with good credit."

Heres more from the Post:

The convicted-killer boyfriend of First Lady Chirlane McCray’s top aide has been caught spewing sick thoughts about life in a series of disgusting blog posts that tout his love of violent sex and demean black women as frigid deadbeats.

"Good sex is an adrenaline rush and so is being violent," Hassaun McFarlan wrote using the handle "stop end frisk" on the blog Hip Hop News 24-7. "Are you turned on as well when a man plays rough with you?’’

McFarlan—the live-in beau of Rachel Noerdlinger, chief of staff to Mayor de Blasio’s wife—was outed last week as a convicted killer who has repeatedly called cops "pigs" over social media.

The Post recently learned that he also wrote the "violent’’ blog post and a slew of other sex-fueled and misogynistic rants.

The mayor is standing by Noerdlinger, who has dated McFarlan for six years and still lives with him.

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