Todd Tells Schumer the Delay on Pompeo’s Vote Comes Off as ‘Petty’


"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd told Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) on Sunday that the delay in holding a confirmation vote for President Trump's nominee for CIA director, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), comes off as "petty."

"Why the hold up on Mike Pompeo's nomination for the weekend?" Todd asked. "It looks petty."

Schumer defended the delay in the vote by saying that historically a CIA director has never been confirmed on the day of the inauguration. He added that there were new questions raised about Pompeo and his stance on waterboarding.

"In questions that just came back Friday, he said he consults experts, there seems to be backtracking," Schumer said. "This is why we have to have a discussion."

"It seems like a petty delay tactic," Todd said. "What discussion is left?"

Schumer again defended the delay and said there was no harm in having a debate over Pompeo's confirmation.

The Senate is set to vote on Pompeo's confirmation Monday evening.

Trump on Saturday evening visited CIA headquarters, where he was greeted with cheers from officers and sold-out seats. Trump pledged his support to the CIA during his remarks.

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