Three Dumb Questions From Today’s White House Press Briefing

Sarah Huckabee Sanders / screenshot

The White House held its first press briefing of the calendar year on Tuesday. Here are the three silliest questions asked of Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the proceedings.

"I'll ask you about football. The two teams that are going to be in the national championship game come from the state of Georgia and the state of Alabama, as you know well. Obviously, Alabama just elected a Democrat senator. You said they're right in the heart of Trump Country. Does the president see the country as Trump Country and the rest of the country?"

"Does he plan to hold—he's had one solo press conference in a year. Is there any chance we get him out here to answer some questions from us any time soon?"

"So in less than a year in office now, President Trump has visited golf courses 91 times. There's confirmation that he's played the game of golf at least 75 times. Sean, back in March, told me that this was different than President Obama's use of golf, which was—Obama played far less than President Trump, but Sean said Trump was using the game much differently. Can you tell me the biggest single thing the president has accomplished for the American people during his time on the golf course?"