Local GOP Chair Responds to Shots Fired Into Florida Republican Party Office: ‘I’ll Call Them Out, They’re Democrats’

Tony Ledbetter / Twitter


At least four shots were fired into a Republican Party satellite office in Florida's Volusia County over the weekend, according to police. No one was hurt, but the Volusia County Republican Party chairman said the incident was carried out by "some sick person," adding he expected those responsible to be Democrats.

"You've got some sick person, and I'll call them out: they're Democrats. No Republicans got any reason to come attack our location. Some sick person decided they wanted to express their anger and they took it out with violence," Volusia County Republican Party chairman Tony Ledbetter said on Monday.

A volunteer found the gunshots when she came into the office, located in South Daytona, on Monday morning.

"She walked in through the back door and saw the windows," Ledbetter said.  "I didn't realize it was gunfire but there's four bullet holes in our windows and 4 bullet holes inside the building."

Ledbetter said he and his volunteers have been conducting election activities that some on the other side of the aisle might disagree with.

"We're just manning early voting locations, passing out Republican voter guides, and encouraging people to vote Republican, and some Democrats have a problem with that," he said.

No eyewitnesses have come forward and police are currently conducting an investigation, which includes looking at the surveillance footage from nearby businesses.

Aryssa Damron

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