Sean Spicer to Press: ‘You Guys Are so Negative’

White House press secretary Sean Spicer during the daily press briefing on Friday told the press that they were being negative when discussing the possibility of the Republican health care bill being pulled.

A reporter asked Spicer if the bill would be pulled.

"You guys are so negative," Spicer said.

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The reporter tried to jump back in, pointing out that there have been reports stating that there will not be enough votes for the bill to pass.

"I understand," Spicer said.

He explained that there are people still doing their vote counts and there will still be a 3:30 pm vote that was previously scheduled.

"But, there are reports out there – the speaker and president are talking now," Spicer said. "The leader and the whip are, you know, doing their vote counts, the debate is ongoing. You know, we're going to continue, we are proceeding with a 3:30 vote as scheduled."