Huckabee Sanders Calls Out Ted Lieu After He Spreads False Story About Her Tax Reform Comments


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called out Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu (Calif.) on Tuesday after he cited an inaccurate tweet from The Hill in order to attack her.

In the original Tuesday tweet, The Hill reported Huckabee Sanders said the Republicans "begged" Democrats to work on tax reform.

However, that tweet was inaccurate. The Hill piece itself was updated at 11:40 A.M., although it wasn't clear if the headline on the story initially matched the tweet in its inaccuracy.

Later, The Hill tweeted an accurate headline stating Huckabee Sanders said that Democrats "should have been ‘begging' to participate in tax reform."

"This is a president who would’ve been happy to take their call and certainly happy to have their vote, to help Americans have more money in their paychecks, more money in their pockets, more money for businesses to reinvest in this country," Sanders said on "Fox & Friends."

"That’s something that Democrats shouldn’t need to be begged to be a part of. They should’ve been begging and banging down the door of the building behind me to be part of this process and to be part of helping more Americans be more successful."

But Lieu tweeted out the now-deleted tweet and attacked Sanders for what was actually The Hill‘s mistake, calling her a liar.

Huckabee Sanders soon shot back. "I don’t serve in Congress, but I can read," she joked.

"If you had read the story, not an incorrect tweet, you would see that what I said was Dems should be begging to help Americans keep more of their money. You should spend less time tweeting, more time doing your job," she said.

Alex Griswold

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