Ruth Marcus: Clintons Possess a ‘Toxic Combination’ of Tone-Deafness and Not Being In Touch

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post wrote that former President Bill Clinton’s "exclusive" interview with NBC’s Cynthia McFadden was classic Bill Clinton. When the former president was asked if he would still be taking high dollar speaking fees because he has to "pay the bills."

Marcus went on to say that the interview from Bill and Hillary’s point of view was ill-advised. Marcus described what viewers saw as a "toxic combination" of tone-deafness and being out of touch with the concerns of everyday Americans.

During Bill Clinton’s interview with McFadden, he mentioned that he takes 10 percent of his income every year to give back to the foundation.  He also justified taking the speaking fees because for the past 15 years, he has taken almost no capital gains. Echoes similar to Hillary’s comment that when the Clinton’s left the White House they were "dead broke."

In her column Marcus wrote that Bill came off as if he stopped taking money for his paid speeches that the Clintons would be worried about actually paying the bills.

"The rest of us with a few $500,000 speeches could manage to pay our bills for quite a while," said Marcus.