Rep. Steve King Reads Mean Tweets

Iowa Congressman Steve King (R) is making fun of himself in a segment of "mean tweets," a spoof made famous on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The ad features King reading some of the rudest messages tweeted at him. But King made light of the negative tweets, throwing some humor back at Twitter users.

"How did someone so delusional & anti american get elected to office? Your the problem we have to fix," King read from @kensgal3.

"Y-O-U-R?" King asked. "You’re the problem, you’re illiterate. ‘Your’ rhymes with Common Core, which is where your education must’ve come from," he shot back.

King’s wife joined in the fun, as well, reading some of the mean tweets directed at her husband.

"I bet Steve King smells like mothballs and dusty bibles," Mrs. King read while laughing along with her husband.

King has represented Iowa’s 4th district since 2003.